How Good Are Math Tests?

  • Do math tests measure what they were designed to measure?
  • Are schools and teachers being penalized for low test scores or praised for high test scores when the tests themselves are flawed?

These questions are answered in the new book:

How to Recognize When Math Tests Are Flawed
How to Fix Them
Why We Should Care

By Marcia Kastner, Ph.D. Front Cover

Read Marcia's thought-provoking Education Week Commentary "Testing the Test" on why it's important that state and federal officials ensure that standardized tests used for teacher and student accountability are valid.



This easy-to-read, accessible, practical book is for anyone who cares about the quality of math tests—teachers, school administrators, government officials, policy makers, testing companies, parents, and students.

Learn how to recognize and fix 10 common flaws in math tests, including:

• When students get the right answer for the wrong reason.

• When the choices in multiple-choice questions give away the answer.
• When using a calculator leads to the wrong answer.
• (Click here for a list of the 10 common flaws described in the book.)

Dr. Marcia Kastner is the former Administrator for Mathematics Test Development at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As math assessment lead, she was responsible for ensuring the quality of the state's standardized math tests required under state and federal laws.