What educators are saying about TESTING THE TEST:

"Testing has become so important in the lives of students that we owe it to them to make sure tests are valid. Dr. Kastner's book will help make that happen! We in education rarely focus on telltale pitfalls in tests. Congratulations to Marcia Kastner for bringing them out in the open so that all of us will be more careful in test development."

Dr. David Driscoll, former Massachusetts Commissioner of Education


"Dr. Kastner has written a book of vital importance! Testing is an integral part of today's educational practice, and it is perturbing that flaws can—and do!—slip into our standardized tests (as well as into our regular classroom tests and school-wide examinations). Marcia Kastner shows us the way to avoid these flaws. This guide is eye-opening, enlightening, and immensely practical."

Dr. James Tanton, Mathematics educator and author