Why Should We Care?

With today's emphasis on using test scores for teacher, student, and school accountability, we need to make sure that tests are valid—that is, that they measure what they were designed to measure. Only then do test scores accurately reflect what students know—and don't know—about the material being tested. We need information provided by valid tests to guide instruction and, thereby, improve the quality of math education.  This book is all about making sure math tests are valid.

Why Is There a Problem?

The reality is that most teachers, states, and national test developers believe that their math tests are valid.  However, they often are not valid.  A quick review of state and national standardized tests posted on the Web uncovers numerous flawed math questions.  This is a serious problem that needs action.  That's why this book is important right now — it shows how to identify and fix flaws in math tests, so that future math tests are valid.

For examples of flawed math questions from actual state and national standardized tests, click here.